Our Story

Hi there and welcome to My Brand Journey, a site dedicated to showcasing brand journeys for the world to read and be inspired.

This site was created by Madeleine and David, a partner duo who are together on a mission to help educate those with an interest in business so they feel empowered and inspired to begin their own entrepreneurial journey.

Our long term vision is to build My Brand Journey into an ecommerce incubator, helping entrepreneurs get reliable, thorough and honest advice at the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial journey, in order to help them develop better e-commerce businesses, while assisting in the building and launching stages.

What is My Brand Journey?

Through the Brand Journeys we share, you will learn everything from how founders built their brand, to their struggles, achievements and even the tools and systems they use.

Through our Blog and Tools & Platforms area, you will find valuable information, advice and reviews critical to help you plan, launch and grow your own brand.

In today's world, it has never been easier to start a business, so learn with us and get started on your own journey!

Our team

The My Brand Journey team comprises of the following dedicated and creative marketing experts and business enthusiasts. As we continue to grow so does our team. We look forward to continuing to grow our network of freelance professionals from all over the world, thus allowing us to reach thousands of more visitors around the globe.

David Borgogni profile image

David Borgogni

Learning and sharing my knowledge with others on the science behind how businesses grow online and succeed in this digital age, is both my passion and my motivation.
Madeleine Chiffey co-founder image

Madeleine Chiffey

Connecting and educating through real human stories is my passion. I am a people person who loves connecting individuals and promoting inspirational journeys.
Lorna McGachie author bio pic

Lorna McGachie

Copywriter & Digital Editor
My experience and genuine interest in all things digital marketing and copywriting, allow me to support a range of brands to achieve their content goals.
Megan Bidmead author image

Megan Bidmead

Content Developer
I'm a content writer with a special interest in digital marketing. I love to tell stories that inspire people to reach their goals.
Serhii Klenachov

Serhii Klenachov

Software & Website Developer
I am a software and website developer who loves helping small and medium sized businesses bring their website vision to life.

How we create our content

The content you see on our website is developed in different ways. The brand journey profiles are unique as they are written directly from brand founders themselves, providing unique rich valuable insights into exactly what it is like to build, launch and grow a business.

Second we provide carefully planned and edited educational support content, via our blog and resources pages. All of which is designed to support anyone wanting to learn more about business and entrepreneurship. These content pieces are developed by ourselves and at times other contributors before being edited by us before going live. This is to ensure all content is of the highest quality for our readers.

What's in it for you?

If any of the following statements resonate with you, then we think you will like My Brand Journey;

  • You’re interested in business and entrepreneur stories
  • You’re looking for support, inspiration and motivation to start your own brand/business
  • You want to start your own brand and want to learn from others before making a start
  • You are looking to read real stories from real people who have actually started a business
  • You want to learn about the complete journey to create, launch and grow a brand
  • You want access to support tools specially designed to help build your business
  • You want to be a part of a community of like minded individuals with a passion for business

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The My Brand Journey community of subscribers and visitors are motivated by the shared desire to learn, build and grow in business. Given this, we’re always excited to use and learn about new tools, resources, apps and services to help better in their own role or business. If you have a tool, resource, app or service that you think is relevant to our audience and will serve a valuable purpose for them, we’d love to hear from you.

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