12 Best Products To Sell On Shopify

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It’s a commonly agreed belief that online shopping is here to stay. With millions and millions ordering their clothes, electronics, beauty items and everyday essentials from online stores, you could say that business is certainly booming.

So why not get a slice of that action?

Shopify is a virtual marketplace that is great for starting your own online business, allowing you to sell a diverse range of products from holiday accessories, make-up, beauty products, children’s toys, mobile phone accessories and many, many more.

But how can you turn a profit on your Shopify account?

What are the best products to sell on Shopify that that have a proven track record of racking up sales? How can you grow your business within the first few months to expand into a premium account?

Well, budding online store owners need not panic, as we’ve got a list of 12 of the best items to sell on Shopify. 

What Can You Sell On Shopify?

The answer to that question is: anything. There are no limits on what you can sell on Shopify, provided of course that the country of sale does not prohibit the import of those items

You can sell your own clay sculptures or homemade crafts, as long as you can physically deliver them to the customer's house through the post, then it will be valid to sell it on Shopify.

But what if you’re simply gagging to turn a decent profit? What are the most popular items to sell on your Shopify account?

Well, don’t worry, we’ve compiled an in-depth list of some of the best items you can sell on your Shopify that have proven to be historically popular with most e-shoppers.

12 Best Products To Sell On Shopify

Below are some of the more popular products on Shopify that all the stats indicate do very well on an annual basis and consistently turn in a profit for their sellers.

Travel Items

Holidays are a thriving market, with people taking the time out of their busy work schedules to take themselves and their family on vacation from anywhere between once to three times a year. This means that vacation accessories will be in high demand.

When buying holiday accessories, most shoppers won’t be buying for just themselves, but their whole family. This will mean that your store will be able to capitalize on multiple purchases.

travel items

There are also people flying from one city to another for work and will want travel items such as neck pillows and travel storage bags.

You can purchase items such as travel shoe bags, beach towels, travel wallets, belt purses, makeup bags and wearable chairs that you can sell for an increased price to make a tidy profit.

Items that are lightweight, functional, inflatable or foldable are very popular, cheaper to buy and easy to ship across the world. For example, the collapsible travel cup can be retracted into a 1-inch size when empty. It can easily fit in your pocket, handbag or backpack. People who are going on vacation crave easily disposable yet storable items.


Women are always looking for cheap places to buy fancy underwear, so lingerie might be a good place to start if you’re an amateur seller.

However, lingerie is a booming and consistent market across the board, so you might want to come up with a broader sales angle for your store. Think about adding more items such as bikinis and practical underwear.


Bikinis will be popular during the summer seasons as people going on holiday might not want to spend a great deal on beachwear that they only plan on wearing for the duration of their trip. Bikinis are cheap to buy for a seller and you can mark them up by a few dollars and make a decent profit.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile phones are obviously an essential part of modern living, as are the accessories that come with them. Consumers are always looking for ways to modify or customize their phones, with newer models being released constantly that need unique cases or attachments.

Chargers, earphones and cases can be relatively cheap to acquire in bulk and you can use your Shopify account to shift large quantities of them and make a return on your investment.

mobile accessories

If you establish your store with these basics, then you’ll want to branch out into slightly more expensive products like phone screen magnifiers and a phone holder or tripod. Again, these things are relatively inexpensive to buy and you can sell them for a decent profit.

You can release these latter products in a unique collection or for a discount for your existing customers, which will certainly boost your sales and encourage repeat custom.


Fitness is growing as an industry, with people more and more likely to hit the gym and get in shape, particularly during the new year.

But to stay fit, people need to wear the appropriate clothing. Lots of Shopify sellers are experiencing increased sales from shifting fitness bands, sportswear and other fitness accessories.

By setting up a fitness store online and keeping your prices low, you can immediately gain a small following, which will be a good basis for future sales.

Start by selling jogging bottoms and yoga pants and then move onto digital fitness watches and fitness trackers, as these can be acquired for cheap and sold at a profit.

Baby Care Supplies

Baby products are another self-replenishing market, as people are always having children and needing good quality baby accessories for a reasonable price.

According to marketing surveys, products like child seats, walkers and various safety equipment for the home are always in high demand. If you can corner this market, then you can expect to see instant traffic on your Shopify store.

There is a generation of new mothers who are totally accustomed to online shopping, so you can expect them to come to you if your prices are low, searching for the best quality product for the best price.

Once you have established your basic customer base, you can then expand your remit to include children’s car seats, baby video monitors or even smartwatches for the children to play with.

Beauty and Makeup Accessories

Another market that has remained strong on the high street and online is makeup and cosmetics, which you can buy in bulk for cheaper and shift for a decent profit.

If you start by selling basic products like lipsticks, eyeshadow, foundation, mascara, then this is a firm base on which you can build your Shopify empire. However, you will need to make sure that you test these products yourself to be 100% sure of their quality.

Before buying your stock, do some research on Amazon to see which are the best reviews and most cost effective brand of makeup on the market.

Peelable Face Masks

When you search for the product about peel-off face masks, the stats are big. Just a quick keyword search will yield you the following results:

Peelable Face Masks

  • ‘Peel Off Face Mask’ - 30,000 searches per month
  • ‘Face Peel’ - 27,100 searches per month
  • ‘Charcoal face mask’ - 41,000 searches per month
  • ‘Facial mask’ - 81,000 searches per month

So, it is safe to say that face peels are certainly a thriving market. Face masks are also an extremely popular search on Youtube, with some of the top videos about face masks hitting the 5 million mark.

So, looking at these figures, what is the best way for you to advertise this product? Well, we would recommend using visual platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where you can demonstrate what the product does and let the consumer see for themselves.

You can also pair up with certain beauty-oriented Instagram influencers or simply pay to run ads on Instagram with the relevant tags to boost your product within the first weeks of putting them on sale. You should also try and publish a separate Instagram account purely dedicated to your face peel products.


Blankets are something that everyone in every household will probably own, but if you take a look at the figures, then you’ll see that blankets really are a highly profitable business.

Because when it comes to blankets, people are looking for quality, populating their house with soft, thick blankets, especially during the winter seasons.

According to Future Market Insights, the blanket market is growing considerably, marketed at around $6.6 billion in 2018 and set to expand by a further $3 billion by 2027. What better way to boost the profits of your Shopify store than by selling decent quality quilts and blankets for an affordable price?

In terms of materials, environmentally-friendly blankets such as wool are dominating the market right now. People are craving blankets that are decorative and comfortable, with modern patterns and shapes to complement their homes.

Custom made blankets are also a big seller, with lots of online shoppers going to specific sellers to get their own unique design that you can’t find anywhere else. If you can find a decent design company, collaborate with them on an eye-catching pattern that people would want to see in their homes.

At the time of writing, keywords like ‘wool blankets’ and ‘fleece blankets’ generate nearly 50,000 keyword searches per month. You can also target specific keywords in your Shopify such as ‘wool camping blanket’ or ‘patterned throw blanket’ to harvest those buyers.

In terms of marketing your blankets, you can generate a lot of video content of users of your blankets, with sleek promo videos of how well your blankets can decorate a home. Show them exactly how your blanket can brighten up a living room or bedroom!

You can also push your blankets during the wintertime by offering your buyers seasonal deals. You can also do this by running Facebook ads around the Christmas period.

Yoga Products

As you might have already noticed, yoga is a booming industry. From yoga mats to swings and leggings, people are buying any products that will help them on their path to enlightenment and flexibility.

By 2025 it is estimated that the yoga mat industry alone will be more than $17.3 billion. These mats are relatively cheap to purchase and can be sold on for a healthy profit.

There are 191,000 monthly searches for yoga mats per month, which is a testament to the popularity of the industry as a whole. People tend to opt for eco-friendly yoga mats that are also non-toxic, as most yoga practitioners are a lot more environmentally conscious. 

It might be worth exploring a wholesaler that will give you non-PVC mats and use their eco-friendliness as one of your main selling points.

Before embarking on your yoga mat business, look at the trends that are developing on social media. Instagram and Youtube are full of yoga videos. Look at what the comments are saying on some of the most popular videos and see if you can identify trends.

When making your yoga mat profile, you might want to take your own promotional pictures. If so, make sure that they are high quality and you get people using your mats in well-lit spaces. People want to associate yoga with calm, relaxation and an overall improved mood.

You can also team up with current yoga influencers on Instagram, having them record videos of them using your products and reviewing them positively.

Think of offering your buyers seasonal discounts, as these are a great way of saving on your budget when it comes to paying for Facebook advertisements. There are certain times of the year that it might be best to run these advertisements.

Celebrating the new year with a ‘new year, new me’ attitude is a great way to boost people’s e interest in yoga mats. You can also use the gifting season of November and December, as well as promoting your mats in the summer, around June and July, when outdoor activities start increasing in general.

Once you notice your yoga mat sales start shooting up, look to expanding your brand to include other items of yoga apparel, such as female yoga pants and yoga swings.


This is another growing activity, with over 11.3 million kayakers in the USA alone. Putting out a range of kayak accessories like sun shades, tail blowers, seats, paddles and dry bags.

This sport is especially popular during those vacation months, with Google trends suggesting that people tend to buy more kayak accessories during June and July. These are the ideal months to buy some ad space for your kayak accessories.

Over 33,000 people search for ‘kayak accessories’ every month, so be sure to target this market with these keywords for a higher yield.

Videos will be very important for marketing your kayaking equipment, as they are a good way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product. Find some kayaking groups and ask them to write and share some stories about your product.

You can also share stories of kayaking on your Shopify, as well as using tags and stickers on a separate Instagram account to draw more customers to your online business. You can also make up your own guides for most-visited kayaking areas.

Kitchen And Dining Room Furniture

Kitching and dining room furniture is always in demand from both the ordinary homeowner and connoisseurs of good furniture. The stats back this up, with more and more people searching ‘kitchen furniture’ and ‘dining room’ furniture, as they want to spend more time at home decorating their living spaces.

The keywords ‘kitchen furniture’ drums up 49,500 searches per month, with related keywords such as ‘table sets’ and ‘kitchen chairs’ reaches over 110,00 and 60,500 searches per month respectively. These teams also boast healthy upwards trend in search volume, according to Google Trends.

When it comes to marketing your furniture, you can run shopping adverts on Google or on Facebook.

For a higher yield in a short period that will save you money on your budget, you should choose to run these ads during the gifting seasons of November and December, making sure to include the relative keywords.

In terms of marketing, you can make your own videos on Youtube or Instagram that will give your prospective customers some interior design tips - using your furniture, of course! Run these as targeted ads on your blog to generate more traffic.

Make sure that when you run these ads, that you make your keyword tag longer-tail and as specific as possible.

For example, when selling a rustic dining wood table, make sure you include the entire phrase ‘rustic wood dining table’, for a dining room set of table and chairs, ‘small kitchen table and chairs’, etc.

For this market, you have to consider that people already know what they want, so you’ll need to reduce the broadness of your advertising a little.

Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles were valued as an $8.1 billion market in 2018 and are set to grow exponentially up until 2025. The keyword research on this reveals the following data:

  • ‘Water bottles’ - 103,00 searches per month
  • ‘Reusable water bottles’ - 27,100 searches per month
  • ‘Sports water bottle’ - 14,800 searches per month

The rise in this trend can probably be explained by the fact that more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious. The target audience of this product will also be more healthy in their outlook towards diet and exercise.

To market your water bottles well, you’ll want to show them being used by customers. Give your water bottle buyers the option to post themselves with their water bottle in order to drive up business. You can also do this using actors in a professional photoshoot.


So, those are our list of 12 best products to sell on Shopify. We hope they have given you plenty of food for thought. Hopefully you can now start your own Shopify store and become the businessperson you dreamed of becoming.

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