30 Day Launch Social Calendar

What is the 30 Day Launch Social Calendar?

Launching a business is hard. There are so many thing to do, set up, consider, plan for....the list goes on and on. Given how busy and often stressful this time is, we wanted to support those starting out with a simple to follow ''30 day social calendar post-launch''.

This tool maps out a robust posting schedule for your 1st month from going live and is designed to help curate a balanced, thoughtful and effective social calendar for your first month AND help build your social following.

It can be used across whichever social account you decide to utilise and will also provide you with great insights about what works/what doesn't work from a social posting standpoing. These learnings can then be used in the following months as your social game continues to improve.

Who is it For?

Our 30 day social calendar post-launch, is ideal for anyone starting a business for the first time, in search for some extra support when it comes to social media. The tool is aimed to hold your hand through the 1st 30 days from launch on your social media account, telling you what to post and why. By the end of the 30 days you will no doubt be your own social media expert!

What is Included in the 30 Day Launch Social Calendar?

This calendar is super detailed. It covers the days leading up to launch + the days following launch in a carefully curated 30 day plan; Each day tells you ; > what to post > the goal of that post > what the call to action (CTA) is for a post, if required so you don't miss out on any leads and sales!