Business Optimization Worksheet

What is the Kaizen Business Optimization Worksheet?

At its core, this A3 business optimization worksheet is designed to help businesses identify problems, their causes and in turn solutions. This worksheet helps you easily document the learning, decisions, and planning involved with solving a problem your business is having.

The tool also facilitate a dialogue between people within a business, so the root cause of a problem can be identified and improved once and for all. Finally, this tool is also an effective way for businesses to have structure around how they solve problems which in turn is a great learning exercise for all involved.

Who is it For?

This worksheet takes you step-by-step through the process of articulating a business problem and how it came about, to identifying the root cause issues within the business that lead to the problem arising. These initial parts of the process are key to helping you and your staff identify other potential issues within the business which are creating problems.

Towards the end of the worksheet you're then asked to map out possible solutions and fix scenarios before selecting your solution choice. Finally you will design an action plan implementation schedule so that the fix can be enabled and then results tracked.

What is Included in the Kaizen Business Optimization Worksheet?

This kaizen business optimization worksheet is ideal for business owners or managers wanting to make continuous improvements within their business. The tool is designed to be used to help solve any issue/roadblock/problem identified in a business, so that business can continually improve and optimize.

The idea is that constantly fixing little problems within a business, thus optimizing your operation, is a better approach than allowing small issues to build up into one large problem which is harder to address.