Idea to Launch Essentials

What Is the Idea to Launch Essentials Checklist Pack?

This ''Idea to Launch Essentials Checklist Pack'' combines x3 one-pager tools designed to help you cover the essentials required to create, design and launch a business.

Who is it For?

This pack is ideal for anyone considering starting a business for the first time. It is especially useful for anyone who is perhaps a little time poor and wanting to just know the essentials that they need to do to start a business and cover all the items required quickly and efficiently.

What is Included in the Idea to Launch Essentials Checklist Pack?

Included in the pack;

1. My Brand Journeys ''7 questions to ask yourself'' 1 pager questionnaire.

This page should be completed first as it is designed to help you identify if starting a business is right for you and what types of businesses you could focus on. The questions aim to uncover what types of industries and businesses best suit your personality, so you can then not only create business ideas, but narrow down those ideas to the most viable to launch.

2. My Brand Journeys ''9 step business set-up checklist''

This checklist covers 9 key areas, vital to setting up a business before launch and the various items within them which should be addressed pre-launch. This checklist is designed to help you ensure you've covered as many of the required 'set-up' items for your business before launch, so as to give you and your brand the best chance for success.

3. My Brand Journeys ''1 pager launch checklist''

This checklist should be reviewed right before your launch so you can hit GO-LIVE on your brand knowing you've covered as many bases a possible to set your brand up for success from day one.