Social Media Activity Calendar

What is a the Social Media Activity Calendar?

Managing a business is challenging in many ways. On a daily basis there are often so many little things to do. Given how busy the days and months can get, we wanted to support those running a business with a simple to follow ''30 day social schedule''.

This tool maps out a robust posting schedule for a 30 day period. it is designed to do the planning and thinking work for you, delivering a well balanced, thoughtful and effective social calendar.

It can be used across whichever social account you decide to utilize and enabled whenever you need it. From using it you will be able to gain insights about your audience on social...what works..what doesn't work. All insights which you can then take to improve and optimize social calendars into the future as you continue to build your following and grow your business.

Who is it For?

This template social calendar is ideal for business owners wanting support to map out their social posting schedule for any given month. The calendar is aimed to tell you exactly what to post and why, taking one less planning item off your to-do's list for the month.

What is Included in the Social Media Activity Calendar?

This calendar is super detailed but can be edited as you see fit. At it's core it provides a detailed 30 day plan, each day telling you;

  • what to post
  • the goal of that post, and
  • if required, what the call to action (CTA) should be for the post so you maximize your CTR and leads/sales