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Acknowledge fear, calculate your risks and be bold.
Lauren Padawer Alska Glacial Essentials founder image
Lauren Padawer
Founder of Alaska Glacial Essentials
Always keep pushing and always keep learning. The journey isn’t easy and you need to be ready for countless sleepless nights.
Franco Ronci co-founder profile image
Franco Ronci
Co-Founder of Bulk Custom Shirts
Be selective with your time and definitely keep a close trusted circle of advisors.
Fabiola Gomez
Founder of LUXIT
Don’t regret decisions, make them, make mistakes and move on.
Benjamin Kander from Welly Bottle profile image
Benjamin Kander
Founder of Welly Bottle
Hold on to your purpose for why you started out, this will motivate you during tough times and keep you on track in your decision making.
Zara Lord uPaged founder image
Zara Lord
Founder of uPaged
Contact as many experiences people as you can about your idea and be open to their feedback.
April Cole Worley profile pic
April Cole
Founder of Mender

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